Monday, October 15, 2012

LMU interiors

I know you've been super psyched for it... here it is, my recent project for LMU Magazine! I worked with Pentagram Design on the Fall 2012 issue of Loyola Marymount University's superbly designed publication (see recent awards here). I was commissioned to do four full-page interior illustrations:

For the first illustration, the client wanted an image that conveyed the idea of celebrating the success of the school, focusing on how it is a team effort. The second article is about providing access to  college, ensuring that the road to higher education is open (and features their famous clock tower). The third article discusses the school's endowment, and how it provides funding for education. They requested that the hill upon which the school sits be in the composition. So any Angelenos out there may notice Marina del Rey (or my simplified interpretation of it) on the left of the illustration. The fourth article examines the Jesuit tradition of charitable donations for education, dating all the way back to St. Ignatius himself. 
Most of my work is fairly simple, usually consisting of blocks or shapes of color (much like my piece for Harvard Law Bulletin that I'll be posting soon), sometimes with a small amount of photo-collage for texture and accents (like this). The client in this particular case requested that since the images were so large, that they have a lot of depth and texture, and not be too flat or simple. So they're a little different than my usual style and incorporate a little more photo-collage, but the Art Directors and the client were very happy with the way they turned out, and so am I. Thank you so much to Barrett and D.J.!
Up next: Harvard Law Bulletin.