Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Regarding He-Man and Warren Buffett

Wow! Two posts in one day. That's a record for me. Usually it's outstanding if I post twice a week. So here's my piece in the current Fortune:

The story is on the new social networking site Relationship Science, or RelSci. Interested? Well, do you also have an extra $3,000 to spend? No? Don't feel bad, neither do I. But that's what it costs for a yearly membership. The site is billed as a networking tool for the so-called Masters of the Universe. No, not He-Man and Man-At-Arms, more like Warren Buffett or Jeff Bezos. The super wealthy.

I took a peek at the RelSci website, and used their particular "connection" graphic to relate the piece to the company.

 The editors wanted to make sure we weren't suggesting LinkedIn with the illustration, as they're two completely different companies. Connecting the two tycoons' monocles worked out great. Thank you so much to my old buddy Josue, who ADed.

Work on your putz

I've been really, really busy these last couple weeks, so I wasn't able to post this when it was fresh, but here's a piece for Conde Nast's Golf World:

The article discusses Match Play, and the need to update the rules. Bringing back the stymie is one suggestion. For those of you that don't golf (like me), a stymie is an old rule stipulating that when one player's ball is blocking the hole from another player's ball, it cannot be lifted. The opposing player must slice, chip, or draw the putt around the obstacle ball.

Thank you to Tim, the AD on this, as well as my buddy Pete Ryan, for the referral! I have a piece in the current issue of Fortune, that I'll try to get posted ASAP. Same bat time, same bat channel...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ape on the moon

Any one out there considering themselves an illustration fan, if you aren't aware of Ape On The Moon, give yourself two demerits. It's a blog out of London devoted to showcasing illustration from around the world. As they put it: "Ape on the Moon believes in the value of quality, leading edge illustration, and in supporting and promoting those people that create it." I heard from Philip Dennis, an illustrator himself, and one of the gentlemen that runs the site, that a post about my work is up today.

I'm extremely honored to be included among the many, many talented people that Ape on the Moon has featured. There are tons of great artists to have been included, so search through their posts. Thanks again, Ape on the Moon!

Ape on the Moon believes in the value of quality, leading edge illustration, and in supporting and promotingI learned from Philip at AOTM that a post about my work is up today.