Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fandom of the Opera

Hello! Yes, I'm back from cryogenic hypersleep! Or so it would seem, since I skipped the whole month of September. I assure you it was due to an extremely busy month, and had absolutely nothing to do with laziness.

Anyway, as promised way back in August in my last post, here's a fairly recent piece from the Washington Post that finally ran this past weekend. The article centered around two books published this past year about opera. One of the books focused on how people fall in love with opera. The book makes the case that opera fans have more in common with sports fanatics, believe it or not.

This was just a little spot, and they wanted a very simple image showing a love for opera. Cupid's arrow through the fat lady's helmet seemed to be a good solution. Thank you, Kim!

Stay tuned for work in 5280, Harvard Law Bulletin, four full-pagers for LMU magazine and more. On another note, the Bordo Bello show is this Saturday night for anyone that's interested in attending. I think you have to buy tickets here to go. Six to ten, at Redline Gallery in Denver. Be there or be square.

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