Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boston Globe Magazine Piece

I just got back from a fun, and very relaxing vacation. It had been too long since I had taken one, so I REALLY enjoyed it. I finished a couple jobs before we left. The first was for Grant Staublin at the Boston Globe Magazine. This piece accompanied an article about Alzheimer's disease. The author's family has a history of the disease, and with new methods of detecting genetic likelihood he poses the question: "If you could learn in advance you're getting the disease, would you want to find out?"

A well written essay with an extremely sad subject. Thank you again, Grant. The other illustration I finished before I took off was for Columbia Law School Magazine, which will be posted as soon as it's published.


  1. Smart work, very well done. Keep up the great work Justin.

  2. Thank you Brezinka! I'll always remember one of my instructors in art school telling me that I was smarter than I looked. Never knew how to take that...