Monday, September 13, 2010

Playing Ketchup

Sorry, bad pun. I've been pretty busy lately, but now that I've got a second, it's time to play catch-up on the 'ole blog. I did a piece for Columbia Law School Magazine a while back, and as far as I know, the issue is out! It was a whole page for an article examining the recent Citizens United case, that says that if you've got lots of money, give it to politicians and they'll probably get elected and do your bidding! Actually the article gave a few different points of view.

The editors wanted the image to correspond with the perspective that the decision won't do much, because our elections are already flooded with rich people's money. I worked with David Barnett for the first time on this one, and it was a pleasure.

I also just finished the cover of the Health Section of the L.A. Times. It should be in today's paper, so pick it up if you're in Los Angeles. The cover stories explained the importance of social networks in people's lives. Remember when your mother used to tell you to stop hanging out with those hoodlums? Well according to recent studies, she had good reason. Behaviors like drinking and smoking and bad diet are practically as contagious as germs. However, the articles focused more on the positive aspects of social networks, and how healthy and beneficial friends can be.

I worked with Joey Santos on this, who was a great help when I was making things too complicated.

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