Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

A little late, but it's still January, so it counts. A note about the end of 2017- I was surprised and happy to learn that a couple of my Op-Ed illustrations from last year made it onto The New York Times' Year in Illustration 2017 list. Compiled every year is a selection of images made for the paper, chosen by the art directors. No surprise that both were for articles on Trump- as were many of the pieces in the selection. In fact, the first piece of mine is included in a group of illustrations specifically geared toward the subject of 'ol Donnie. This one was on his handling of issues in the Middle East:

As art director Nathan Huang explained it: "A year of Trump-related articles requires a year's worth of Trump-related imagery. How do we avoid repeating the same images over and over? Brilliant illustrators to the rescue."

My second illustration was from early on in the Trump presidency, when the calls for an investigation into his ties to Russia were first being made:

 I actually received quite a bit of positive feedback on this one, from art directors and illustrators, as well as regular readers of the paper.

Thank you to all my ADs at The Times, for all the opportunities to contribute. Looking forward to another year!