Friday, August 31, 2012

Bordo Bello 2012

I was invited by my bud, local illustrator and designer Shaw Nielsen, to take part in this year's Bordo Bello skateboard deck art fundraiser. Artists create deck designs, which are then auctioned off to help fund AIGA mentorship and scholarship programs. Shaw is on the planning committee, and managed to get a bunch of awesome designers and illustrators to participate in the show, such as Scott Bakal, Gwenda Kaczor, Charles S. Anderson Design, also local Evan Hecox and many, many more. Here's the deck I sent to the printers:

Skateboards are obviously not rectangular, so there will be some trimming to this image, but you get the idea. I was sitting around, listening to music, wondering "what the hell am I going to put on a skateboard deck?" when "Today your Love, Tomorrow the World," by the Ramones comes on. Perfect.
 Here's the page Shaw put together announcing my participation in this year's show. I don't know when the opening is scheduled, but I'll post as soon as I find out.
Also, coming soon to Draw Your Weapon: a Washington Post piece, a 5280 Magazine piece, and work for LMU magazine. To be posted whenever they're published.