Friday, April 24, 2009

Card for Sabrina Vega

Sabrina Vega, a very talented graphic designer from Austin Texas, has a blog called Sabrina: A design project. Her idea was to send out self-addressed, stamped postcards to various illustrators and designers, to let them put "Sabrina" on the card. After they were sent back to her she scanned them and displayed them on her blog. The first round of 100 cards were sent to such design legends as Milton Glaser and Gary Baseman. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she chose to include me in her second round of postcards. She just received my card and posted it on her blog.

Here's the card that I sent to Sabrina. I noticed that everyone else was writing the word "Sabrina," so I thought: why not show it in sign language? Check out Sabrina's blog. There are a lot of really cool cards. Thanks again, Sabrina!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Communication Arts Illustration Annual 50!

Last week I was informed that a recent piece I did has been chosen to appear in Communication Arts Illustration Annual 50. I've been looking at Communication Arts magazine since art school, hoping to one day get the chance to grace the pages of its Illustration Annual. Its an incredible honor to be included in this publication, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the other work when it comes out in July.

This is the piece that will be in Communication Arts Illustration Annual 50. It's a personal work that reflects my feelings towards people that use their religion to justify any act of violence, no matter what faith they subscribe to. It's mixed media on vintage book cover.

Monday, April 6, 2009

SND Award of Excellence

The first piece of news I have concerns an illustration I did for Wes Bausmith at the LA Times last year. As visitors to my website may already know, I received an Award of Excellence from the Society for News Design for the "Wrong Turf" piece I did. It's a great honor to be recognized by the SND. The illustration was for an Op-Ed story about the author's neighborhood, and its persistent gang problem.

Thank you for the opportunity, Wes!

What's one more blog?

Having realized that operating my own web page didn't sufficiently propel me into the 21st century, I've decided to join every other person in the world and create a blog. I'll be using this blog to share illustration, news, and thoughts and opinions with anyone who cares to look. The "News" page on my website will probably be phased out in time, as this will be quicker to update. Enjoy!