Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ctrl+Alt+Duck and Cover

I was super excited to hear from Scientific American recently, I client I hadn't yet worked for. I've always been really into science, especially biology, anatomy, and paleontology, and enjoy reading periodicals such as Scientific American, and so was thrilled for a chance to contribute to the magazine. The story, titled "How to Survive Cyberwar," was on the ever-present threat of attack in cyberspace. From credit cards and personal info, to government infrastructure, nearly everything is connected to the internet in some way, and therefore at risk, according to the article. While reading the brief, I was reminded of the "ever-present threat of attack" during the Cold War. I decided to gear a few of my sketches toward the idea of paying homage/parodying the old "duck and cover" campaigns from the 50s. The AD liked the idea, and I ended up with this:

Check out the issue, which also includes a cool article on "Extreme Evolution" of cichlid fishes, illustrated by the great Jack Unruh. A big thank you to my AD, Jason!

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