Friday, June 14, 2013

Pool Party!

I received an email a little while back from Ben Jones at Image Brew, a production company here in Denver, to do a poster for a party they were hosting. The bash was a Kegs with Legs event, a monthly or so party in the design/advertising/marketing community. The cool part is that there's a pool on the facility of their office, at the Taxi Campus north of Downtown. Most people hosting the parties make a poster for the event, but being a production company, they felt it would make sense to also make some videos. They filmed comedian Nathan Lund preparing the pool for the festivities, and invited me to come along and watch.

 I had free creative reign designing the poster, granted it reference the pool party. I had only the next day to work on the poster, and spent most of it working on something I ended up scrapping in the afternoon. I decided to instead reference a comment Ben made jokingly during the filming, about a pool party full of pale creative/designer folks. I had a little fun with the stereotype of the average "creative hipster," just to amuse myself:

The party was last night, and I stopped by for a bit. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I was able to work on the poster and watch the filming of the videos. Be sure to check those out here.
Also be sure to look at some more of Image Brew's work on their site here. They're the guys responsible (along with Eric Hines at Honest Bros) for the "Rainbow Chasers" video (also featuring Nathan Lund), as well as the Amazon original series "Those Who Can't."
Thanks again Ben and Evan!

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