Monday, February 25, 2013

Valley of the Paper Dolls

I worked with St. Louis Magazine on an illustration for an article about parents choosing between private and public school for their children. They had the idea of showing a young child surrounded by various articles of clothing (normal "street" clothes, and the stereotypical private school attire) made to look like paper doll outfits.

The concept of a paper doll relates to the fact that the examples given in the article were all kids that had been in either private or public school, and switched to the other (paper doll clothing being very easy to change between, obviously). Here's the full page:

 This was a fun little piece to work on. Thanks again, Rachel! Expect a few more posts in the coming week on other jobs about to publish...

On another note, I'll be giving a guest lecture to the AIGA Student Chapter at Colorado State University on Thursday evening. 7 PM, Room F101 in the Visual Arts Building. Obviously any CSU students interested in design/illustration are encouraged to attend. Be there or be square.

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