Thursday, December 6, 2012

Off the chain

I finished this cover for the Dallas Observer last week. The story, "Rise of the Nones," is about atheists in Texas, and references the box that people check on the census listing their religious affiliation (atheists and agnostics checking "none"). It follows several individuals attempting to organize like-minded skeptics into a non-theist movement to rival the groups out there of a more religious persuasion, focusing not only on civics, but charity and other areas more traditionally associated with churches.

Organizing these fellow "nones" can be challenging due to the attitude toward atheists in this country. There are a few examples given in the story of atheists attempting to purchase ad space on billboards and in movie theaters simply announcing their existence, only to be rejected due to hostility from the public. I wanted the image to relate to the title, and also explain how many of these people feel tied down and unable to express themselves in public, due to intolerant views from some of their more religious peers. Breaking free of chains was the perfect metaphor, and wouldn't you know it, some of these religious symbols look a lot like chain links! Thank you, Tracie!

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