Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Inflight Club

 If you happen to be looking at this blog while on a United flight (and it's still May), check the pocket of the seat in front of you. No, that's the barf bag, the other one. Yeah, there you go, Hemispheres Magazine. My illustration is gracing the pages inside, in the Tech section:

As I'm sure you gathered from the image above, if your eyes are good enough to read the print, the article laments the probable downfall of the Blu-ray video format. Very sad for us movie buffs, as it is far superior in quality to DVDs and streamed movies. Combining the broken, discarded dics with the shape of a broken heart just felt right. The AD on this was the wonderful Christine Bower-Wright. Thanks again, Christine!


  1. Couldn't read the type but I got it straight away from looking at the illo. Nice!

  2. Then I've done my job! Thanks, Mitch!