Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spinnin' like a spinnin' top (Jenny, Jenny, woooo Jenny, Jenny)

I just received a copy of the latest issue of The American Lawyer, with my spread in the "Corporate Scorecard" section. The article profiled the recent trend of big spinoffs in the last few years:

 As explained in the brief I received, when companies with multiple operations are looking to make some cash or no longer want to be involved in a certain area of their business, they sometimes spinoff a segment of the company. They basically sever their ties legally with a former part of the corporation, which can end up growing into its own large company. 

The "Scorecard" section also includes some great work from illustrators David Plunkert, Chris Silas Neal, and Heads of State, and I feel pretty damn honored to be among them. And my local buddy Shaw Nielsen is in the issue too! Thank you again to AD Jay Dea!
Coming soon: work for Hemispheres Magazine.