Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An excellent start to the new year...

I received my latest issue of Communication Arts in the mail the other day... The January/February Typography issue, with a feature on me, written by the wonderful Anne Telford.

I've been lucky enough to have been accepted in the last three CA Illustration Annuals, but when I received a phone call asking if I would give the magazine permission to do a feature on me, my heart about fell down into my gut. I've been reading Communication Arts and enjoying all the inspirational art and informative columns within its pages ever since I discovered it in art school. I read previous features on illustrators throughout the years, and fantasized about an opportunity to be among those artists that I admire so much. When that day actually arrived, it was completely unexpected and still seems a little unreal. This is one of the greatest honors I've ever received, and I'm extremely grateful to Anne, for coming out to Denver and for her awesome article, and to Communication Arts Magazine for allowing my work to grace its pages. Thank you, Rebecca! And a big thank you to Wes Bausmith, for the kind remarks he shared with Anne!
Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Who better than you Justin?! Congrats on the feature, and the fantastic work worthy of such an honor

  2. Coming from the man who consistently makes me say to myself, "Damn! Why can't I come up with an idea like that?!" means a lot! Thanks, buddy!

  3. Kudos and praise Justin. I just was giving the slutty office copy of CA a perusal and was yawning at the poster article preceding your article when bam! From narcolepsy to fired-up-inspired seeing your work!! Dude you've got it going on and than some! Very awesome!

  4. Wow Thanks! I'm definitely glad it wasn't my work inducing the narcolepsy! And thanks for checking out the ol' blog!