Thursday, December 8, 2011

Spot on

Here's a series of spots for Smith Alumnae Quarterly, Winter 2011-2012 issue:

The first page featured questions posed to alumnae, posted on the school's Facebook page. The first question was: "What is your most vivid memory of your first day at Smith." The second was: "When you married, did you retain your maiden name, take your partner's, hyphenate, or other?"

The second page featured a story on students that recently swam the English Channel, and the spot needed to show the route they took. I included the lighthouses of Dover and Calais. The swim actually ended at Cap Gris Nez, which has a very cool lighthouse itself, but Calais being a bigger, more familiar city, I chose its lighthouse. In retrospect, I wish had chosen Cap Gris Nez's lighthouse, but live and learn.

I also finished a few more spots for Radcliffe Magazine, but I don't think the issue's out until January. I'll post then. Many thanks to Ronn, who art directed both of these!


  1. These are great Justin, nice work! I think you chose the right lighthouse.

  2. Ha! Thank you, Mitch. Calais does have a pretty sweet one!

  3. so nice, Justin!
    happy holidays man.