Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Not quite quick enough on the draw...

I started and finished a piece yesterday, in response to the developments in Egypt over the past week. I had planned on sending it to newspaper ADs I've worked with before, to see if they could use it in connection to any stories running on the subject. I had a concept in mind in the morning, and started working out the final. I had been checking the Opinion section on the nytimes.com site throughout the day to make sure nothing had already run. As I was finishing the piece, and getting ready to send a jpeg out, I checked the site one more time... wouldn't you know it, the brilliant Christoph Niemann had beaten me to the punch! It wouldn't have been a big deal, as I'm sure there will be dozens of illustrations about Egypt in the coming days, but we coincidentally thought of a nearly identical concept! Here's mine:

Here's a link to Christoph's.
Very different styles, and actually, mine was more addressing the possible repercussions of a revolution in Egypt. Christoph's appears to be illustrating the idea of individuals, working collectively, bringing down the entire Mubarak regime? But after seeing his piece had already been published, I figured it would be pointless to send mine to any ADs. I thought it was a funny story though, so I sent it to Alexandra at the Times, and she agreed it was pretty crazy. Oh well. If I may flatter myself, I guess great minds do think alike.

Also, my limited edition self-promo booklets are done! More details to follow...


  1. That's pretty interesting. I'm a huge Niemann fan, but I like yours much better. It's clearer and works much better as a smaller piece.

  2. Thank you, Brian! That compliment is very much appreciated. Especially because I know what a creative individual Niemann is. Did you see his Bio-Diversity series of leaves for the Times? Amazing.

  3. Just checked it out. Pretty cool. I wish I was that clever and prolific....

  4. Hey man, who says you can't be? What I love about that series (and others like it), is that it opens up the possibilities of what illustration can be. 30 years ago, you wouldn't see three-dimensional illustration, or illustration using leaves, or cookie dough. We all have the same chance to influence the direction our industry goes. But yeah, I'm jealous too!