Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy new year, and to hell with 2010!

Happy new year, all! I wish everyone a great 2011, and let's hope it's better than 2010. The past few years have been pretty tough on a lot of people, but not all! Let's see, over the past twelve months there was an horrific earthquake in Haiti, catastrophe in the gulf of Mexico, and 29 miners were killed in an explosion in a Massey coal mine in West Virginia. There were record corporate profits, but the unemployment rate still hovers near ten percent. The war in Afghanistan continues, and has become our longest, while we fight more covert proxy wars in Pakistan and Yemen, and we discovered that there were around 15,000 more civilian casualties in Iraq than were previously reported. Elected officials continue to display a frighteningly dismal understanding of history, and even go so far as to criticize landmark victories for civil rights in this country. And we lost Howard Zinn!!! I have hope for the next twelve months, but things are already looking pretty gross. Budget cuts while millions of families are struggling, attacks on Social security, further demonizing of Muslims in this country- I think we're in for a bumpy, and stomach-churning ride. Good luck.

Anyway! On a lighter note, I received an awesome holiday gift from Eric Hines at Honest Bros. here in Denver. This hoodie was sent out to some of the Honest Bros. clients. It even came in a really cool box!
I designed a self promo booklet featuring some of my illustration that I'll be sending out soon. Eric has been helping me put it all together, and even screen-printed the cigar band that wraps around the booklet. I just got a proof back from the printer, and it's looking good. I'll be sending them out (and posting photos when I do) towards the end of January. And yes! The hoodie is comfy!

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