Friday, December 23, 2011

Matchmaker, matchmaker...

I contributed recently to the magazine Corporate Knights, a quarterly based in Canada. The "magazine for clean capitalism" had an article explaining the necessity of big companies pairing up with smaller "green" firms.

There are a lot of phrases that go over my head- like "deployment cycles," "liquidation event," "non-diluting capital"- but the gist of it is, investors are a little hesitant to buy into clean technologies, as it is essentially fairly risky. The way forward is for venture capitalists to focus on matching up big companies, who have lots of capital, and small, clean-technology start-ups. The multi-talented, and ever-multi-tasking Pete Ryan art directed this one. Thanks, Pete!

Coming soon... my feature in the Jan/Feb issue of Communication Arts.


  1. Thank you, boss! Happy New Year, and continued success in 2012, Pete!